Shading Control

We all love daylight but many times in our homes block it out with shades that are just too much trouble to open and shut every day to make the most of free natural light.  A shading system from Audio Video Design can dramatically change all of that.

Energy Savings

What if a shading system was smart enough to leave your shades up during the winter months to help heat your rooms, yet kept them closed in the summer with a reflective backing to reduce your cooling costs?  Think of how many times you have turned a light on in a room with closed shades or drapes where one button push could open your shades to let natural light in.  We can use our systems astronomical clock to have your shades track the sun if you have an area that gets too much direct sunlight.


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Imagine an entire wall of shades going up or down at the same time while tracking within 1/16” of each other.  Our selections in Lutron shades include a huge variety of fabrics made from sustainable materials.  Recently added are motorized venetian blinds and sheers that completely disappear into a pocket.  The shade motors can even hide in your decorators custom cornice and be flanked by fabric panels for a really elegant look.  One small keypad can allow you to precisely adjust the amount of light you need in a room.

Protect Your Valuable Art, Rugs, and Furniture

Lutron shades are specially designed to protect your belongings from the sun’s damaging UV rays.  If you have ever pulled back a rug sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a window, you know just how much damage UV can do to canvas, wood, and fabric.  Some shade materials even pass natural light while blocking out 90% of UV rays so you can enjoy the daytime and a side benefit is they greatly reduce glare on computer and television screens.

Shading, just like lighting control, will dramatically change your home for the better.  Once you own a well designed automated shading system, you’ll never live without it again.  As a matter of fact, most of our shading clients, if they did not do their entire home to begin with, wind up adding more rooms to their system over time.

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