Outdoor Control

We’ve got it great in Southern California, with the ability to entertain outside for most of the year. Recent advances in technology provide amazing possibilities for entertainment to outdoor areas.

The most basic outdoor entertainment option can be one or more pairs of weather-resistant outdoor speakers.  Since most outdoor spaces are far larger than an inside area, we have found you will have a much better experience and better coverage by using several sets of outdoor speakers.  This way you can play them all at a moderate level rather than trying to have one pair blasting to cover your whole back yard.


Landscape Speakers

Sonance Landscape speaker series provides one of our most popular outdoor speaker solutions. These speakers resemble small outdoor landscape lights. The sound you get from these is amazing. The small satellites can be discreetly placed to provide the best coverage, while the below ground subwoofer gives you incredible outdoor bass. 

Other options in landscape speakers include speakers in the shape of small boulders and planters.  And of course conventional outdoor speakers can easily be hidden behind shrubbery.

Outdoor Audio Control

Once you have great sound outdoors, how do you control it? All of our music systems from Crestron and Savant have many options.  Each system has wireless control options for complete management of your outdoor entertainment choices. Imagine sitting outside with your friends, listening to music from high school or college days. One of them asks if you can play something more recent, so you hand them your iPad or iPhone and say choose the next music selection.


Outdoor Video

Outdoor video continues to gain in popularity. With LCD TV prices dropping under $1000 for a good-sized picture, many people are putting these on covered porches. LCDs have an operating temperature range from about 4 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so for our region of the country they are great.  Catching a fall football game on your back porch with friends is just a great experience.  Don’t forget the audio either.  Many of our clients tell us once they get a full surround system on their screened in porch they actually use it more than their family room TV.

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