Computer Audio

Computer audio offers a very wide range of possible ways to enjoy music.  Apple’s iTunes changed the music world as we know it, followed by all kinds of streaming music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Spotify and AirPlay.  Owning a physical piece of media is a thing of the past, especially with all kinds of web sites popping up that provide downloadable audio files in far higher resolution than any CD ever dreamed of.

The ease at which you can navigate a large CD collection stored on your computer vs. all of the boxes of CD’s or mega changers is an unbelievable contrast.  With proper back up, you also never have to worry about losing your music either.

Joining the computer audio revolution can be broken down into three segments.  Obtaining music and/or uploading your existing music; determining how to make your music sound the best when you listen to it; and finally deciding the best way to take your music with you and/or get it all over your home.

Your Music

If you are over 30, you’ve probably got a sizeable collection of CD’s you have gathered over the years.  The first step is to get the music into your computer.  Apple’s free iTunes one of the many convenient options, but it is critical how this music is uploaded to maximize the playback quality. We will take care of this for you too.


Taking It With You Around or Out of Your House

Obviously if you use iTunes, an iPod or iPhone is a great way to take your music with you.  The streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify, AirPlay and others offer ways to stream to your portable device or in some cases download to it.

You can have your music synced to many locations, including your second, or vacation home.

The great thing about getting your music on to your computer is that now it can live on your network.  For the serious enthusiast, you can set up local computers such as a Mac Mini and point them to a NAS Drive (network attached storage) so you can have great sound in any room with a system.  

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