In this day and age of multi-tasking and endless distractions, sales of music, although the media has changed, are at an all time high.  More people enjoy music now than every before.  Back in 2002 when Audio Video Design was founded, we believed nothing was more fun than a great stereo system.  We have, without a doubt, the largest selection of high performance audio components available for your audition in.   We’ve carefully chosen the products we recommend with consideration to sound quality, reliability, the correct feature set, the ability to control the components seamlessly, aethstectics, and many other factors.

We Just Love this Stuff

A well planned high performance audio system can take your music enjoyment to a whole new level.  Our team of veterans live and breathe this stuff.  And high performance does not have to mean high price.

The Future of Audio is Here Now

The latest thing in music is computer audio, with so many choices available from the “cloud”.  Audio Video Design was one of the very first companies in the country to embrace computer audio and offers a huge selection of choices to help bring you into the new and exciting frontier of computer based music.  This can be a ton of fun, and we’ve got the experts to help you get started.

For more details check out our computer audio section and the other sections here on audio.

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